Residents’ Urns

Urns from the Residents of St. Joseph’s Home

Scroll down to meet the charming and ever youthful Residents who had a hand in designing their own final resting places. We hope you will be as intrigued and struck by the beauty of each individual’s urn and the expression of who they are.

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Theresa’s Urn

Witty, sharp, and chucklesome, Theresa was a Bible studies teacher for five decades. She enjoys doing crafts in her free time and creating Chinese ink-inspired paintings. A deep lover of Chinese tradition, she chose an immortal peach as inspiration for her urn and made it her favorite color – a beautiful pale jade. Theresa’s urn has a special compartment she made to store a necklace she treasures. During the design process, Theresa would often laughingly comment on designs saying the ideal case would be for “多草 ”, which means more greenery in the design.

Jade Peach Jar

Pale Jade Colour
Immortal Peach
Necklace Holder
Roses and “草” (grass)
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Rainbow Pebble

Pebble Shape
Tactile Swirl Pattern

Mary’s Urn

A spritely character and a music teacher in her younger years, Mary’s love of life is something that carries through her interactions with everyone she meets. Being bed-bound doesn’t stop her jovial attitude in the least. When asked if she could have any colour for her urn design, she asked: “would it be possible to have a rainbow?”. She picked out a pebble-inspired shape with a wavy pattern. With her ailing vision, care was taken for the surface of the urn to be treated to have texture and grooves so that she could feel it as well.
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Nancy’s Urn

Nancy loves precious objects, from gold to porcelain. You can often find her at the home decked out in some of her newest finds. It could be necklaces, bracelets, or shiny gold nail polish. She’s a dear who loves to show you what her latest colour choice for nail polish is, be it shiny gold or bold red.
Just like the playful monkeys that are her favourite animal, Nancy is likewise playfully insistent that the best shape for an urn is a sphere. Her urn design is a blue and white porcelain inspired sphere, with floral motifs, reflecting her enjoyment of nature. If you ever meet her at the nursing home, she’d be very happy to show you her latest choice of nail colours, and discuss with you on how curry chicken is the best tasting food.

Porcelain Orb

Floral porcelian motif
Luxurious Design
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Garden Sky Jar

Blue sky & Clouds
Simple curved jar

Veronica’s Urn

Veronica’s love of gardening and the blue sky can be seen melded in her urn’s graphical choice. The urn is split into three sections: white clouds; blue sky; green gardens and flowers.
At the nursing home, you can find her tending to a small potted garden she takes great pride and care in. You can find Veronica zooming around the Home, happily busying herself with all sorts of activities at the Home.
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Celine’s Urn

A Chinese teacher to primary school children for 30 years when she was younger, love is something that meant a lot to Celine. She deeply believed in God’s acceptance of everyone, and in her personal life, Celine’s love of her three sons was very evident when you spoke with her. She chose a design that featured them as three angels holding up her heart. The wings of the angels are hinted at through the use of a different coloured glaze.

Angel Heart Jar

Angels in harmony
Pale blue and pink
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The Pyramid

Aspect ratio of the great pyramid
Sea burial compatible
Brick imprint

Philip’s Urn

From the beginning, Philip knew what he wanted. Always fascinated with Pyramids, and the sea, Philip’s urn designs iterates around integrating the pyramid and sea motifs or graphics, even though eventually a plain pyramid design was chosen.
Special care was taken for Philip’s urn, which includes making sure the aspect ratio of the urn to be the same as the Great Pyramids, as well as leaving the clay unfired so that it could be released into the sea for a sea burial without harming the environment. Philip often reminiscences a great deal about the old shorelines of Singapore before land was reclaimed at Beach Road, regaling his fond memories of the beach, as well as near-death encounters he’s had while out at sea that left deep impressions on him for life.
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Anthony’s Urn

Anthony loves fishing, bowling, listening to music, working out and keeping fit. What struck him for an urn design though, were bright colours and symbols. In his words, he didn’t want it to be “暗“, which means “dark”. His urn features a star with bright vibrant orange and blue striping.

The Bright Star

Bright blue and orange stripes

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