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    Select a Prompt

    We have curated a few prompts from our Celebration Kit and would like you to try them out and
    give us your response to them.

    Binge-watch your Favourite TV series

    Share with us your favourite TV series that you have watched in the past 2 weeks and include the hashtag #favouriteTVseries for a chance to be featured on our socials!

    Write a poem to someone

    Poems can be an interesting medium to elicit emotions for/towards someone. Include the hashtag #apoemtosomeone for a chance to be featured on our socials!

    Treat yourself to a nice meal

    #treatyourselftoday Food is often connected to a variety of emotions and social interactions.

    Tell someone what you appreciate about them

    The expression of gratitude allows us to recognise that someone is valuable. Use the hashtag #iappreciateu and show us how you express your appreciation to your loved ones.

    Get yourself lost today

    The everyday life is often hectic, getting lost could be one way to rediscover yourself. Use the hashtag #getlostnow and show us your journey of rediscovery.

    Hug someone today

    #hugsomeonetoday Physical touch is one way to reconnect with people whom you are close to.

    Cook a meal for someone you love

    #cookforsomeoneyoulove The expression of love comes in many form; you may either cook or buy a meal for someone you love or appreciate in your life.

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