Celebration Kit

The Celebration Kit

A fun collection of prompts to help you engage in meaningful activities and plan a memory journey for your loved ones.

Not Just a Box of Memories.

Most of us are familiar with memory boxes; perhaps a dusty wooden case filled with old toys, photographs, letters or even pieces of clothing. These boxes become precious gateways to memories of a loved one passed.

HappyUrns believes that there are more ways to record and relive memories and hence we created the Celebration Kit – a box of tools to help you create an experiential memory lane with your loved ones.

Celebrate a Loved One
Even After Death.

The Celebration Kit contains a set of basic prompts to help users engage in meaningful activities intentionally and store step-wise instructions of these activities so that family and friends can experience them again in the shoes of a loved one passed.


Prompt Cards

The Celebration Kit prompt cards contain suggested activities for you to experience as you create your own box of memories.

Individual Prompts
activities to be done on your own to experience the beautiful things in life.

Familial Prompts
activities to be done with family and friends to create precious and intentional memories.

Remembrance Prompts
activities to reflect on the unique aspects of your personality for others to read and understand you better.

Map of Remembrance

The Celebration Kit contains map templates to organize a series of activities meant for your loved ones to interact with in the future.

Use the Celebration Kit to record your favorite activities like a typical morning exercise routine or a personal recipe you have refined over the years, or simply be inspired by the prompts to spend quality time with loved ones.

Jeanette and Sean

“My family were inspired by the prompt to start converting old photographs into digital ones. Afterwards, we decided to put our own spin to the prompt and created a framed collage of our favorite photos so my not-so-tech-savvy granny can look back at the bittersweet memories of caring for her two grandkids! I hope this activity continues to become a tradition for the family as a bonding activity.”

Nabilah and Harris

“We created our combined bucket list as a couple! Looking forward to ticking them off together.”

Angelina and her son

“I wrote a letter to my son that he might read in the future when he grows up. Hopefully this heartfelt message of mine can remind him that he’ll never be alone no matter what challenges may come his way.”


Try Out The Celebration Kit For Yourself

Request a copy of the Celebration Kit and Life In A Year Book and have them delivered to your doorstep for free.

Limited redemption available. Singapore addresses only.

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